Friday, April 9, 2010

It has been a long, long time

Hello dear friends.

It has been quite a while since I've blogged on blogspot. I got lazy/noncommittal (which is a reoccurring theme) and slacked off for a long time, and then I found out about Tumbler through a friend. I've been blogging (if you can call reposting pictures/quotes and occasionally actually writing something blogging) through that website as of late, and I must confess, I do enjoy the layout and ease of mulimedia posting. I'm floundering back and forth recently though, because it seems most of my friends (who don't have commitment issues) are quite content with their blogspot blogs. It's much harder to actually keep up with all you people when I'm not even posting anything here myself! :) So... for now, I'm thinking about giving blogger another shot... it's got big shoes to fill though, because Tumblr will not be easily trumped. What should I do dear ones? Return to my blogging roots, or forge ahead into undiscovered tumblr's? Thoughs, comments, and concerns are appreciated. :) Be Blessed. KW

Friday, March 6, 2009

someone always wins

and then they write a book... or in this case a song.

there may be those "exceptions" out there.. but i'm not one of them.

i'm the rule... always the rule.

new lyrics so far:

If you're ever discouraged,
ever tired and weary.
If you're wandering aimless,
there I will be.

When you're running for cover
and you're tired of fighting,
just reach to the heavens
and you'll find me.

C: When you call my name
I will come to you, I will heal your pain.
When you need a friend,
I will carry you till your spirits mend.
When you're all alone, know you're not alone.
Cuz I'll be.

You're wise beyond your years,
shed one too many tears
and that's all i have so far.

Monday, March 2, 2009

mental ipod shuffle

someday somebody's gonna make you want to turn around and say goodbye. (say goodbye). till then, baby, are you gonna let them hold you down and make you cry? did you know? did you know? things'll change, things'll go your way, if you hold on for one more day. if you hold on for one more day, things will go your way. hold on for one more day.

this song just popped into my head... and like i've always said, my brain is an ipod on shuffle. no matter what i happen to be thinking about, my brain selects a song that either has a word i was thinking of, or a "theme" that describes how i'm feeling. it's kind of like having my own soundtrack to my life... except other people can't sit and listen to it with me.

i've been a bit of a wreck lately, so this song is pretty appropriate. i'd like to be able to say goodbye to certain people at this point, and i'd honestly like to move back to a few more and say hello again. but that's not happening anytime soon. sorry. :/ for now, i'm being faced with me. M. E. there are lots of things that i need to face within myself, and living here is presenting the opportunity for me to realize what i need to change, and accept what i cant.

please pray for me to find direction and fortitude from God. Lord knows I need it. love you all.

Monday, February 23, 2009

le oscars

I have to say, I was so quite pleased with the Oscars this year. I think this is the first year that I've sat down and watched it start to finish. It was quite lovely, and I thoroughly enjoyed the different feel they went for this year... with the stage, the intimate seating, the orchestra on stage, the crystals, just everything. oh, and hugh jackman was loverly. i had no idea anne hathaway had THAT much of a voice in her. i was a little sad not as many original songs were performed. they were all clumped together in one performance (which was cool albeit). I've made it a new life goal to see all the oscar nominated movies (besides shorts and documentaries) from this year. They all look exceptionally good. I've seen some of them, but since I'm a poor starving college kid (and not living at home where my brothers work at a movie theater and see stuff for free), it's been a slight problem. haha. I'd already heard great things about Slumdog Millionaire, and I knew it would do well, but I still havn't seen it. That whole cast/crew just won me over. They were so cute. Best Actress... best group of women ever. Kate Winslet = my favorite actress of life, so I was really happy about that. Obviously, it was very touching to see Heath Ledger receive an award, especially because that makes him only the third posthumous oscar awarded. All in all, a glorious night for Hollywood. It made me miss california. Lets see, I also had my first choir concert with North Georgia today. It went well on our part. It was a choir "festival" with a few other church choirs which consisted of very sweet older men and women... so there wasn't much to be said for the level of excellence, but they sang their hearts out, which was sweet. Unfortunately, I had to deal with "dress debacle '09"... I don't feel like getting into the whole story, but lets just say my dress was too small in several places... including 10 in. too short.....
she'll be remaking that in a jiffy.
other than that... just another week in the life. i should definitely go to bed though. you know it's late when your contacts are fighting to stay in your eyes.
furiously reading until next time...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The High Museum of Art

If only I had a digital camera that wasn't broken...
Today, my roommate Ashley and I went to metro Atlanta to the High. I'm taking an Art History Survey class, and we have to write a 2-3 page critique on a work of art. We got extra credit for going to the High, and I love it and hadn't been in years upon years anyway. Needless to say, I took the offer, paid $15 for entrance, $8 for parking, and $10 for food later... whoops. Anyway, it was amazing. They had an exhibit from the Chinese Teracotta Army, an exhibit from the Louvre, and some really fascinating permanent collections. I was able to take a few pictures, and I'm trying to decide which one to write about. Opinions? oh, and yes... the 2nd one is an ORIGINAL Monet, one of two they had. :)
it was so much better in person... and is definitely one of my favorites of his.

this last one i've seen before several years ago when it was part of a traveling exhibit. it's an homage to a painting by Whistler called "Symphony in White" i believe. it's actually the small thumbnail picture next to me. i had so much fun... good day in atlanta. good day.

in other news, i have new tires... merry christmas kristen! hooray. good thing too, because it's been raining for the past few hrs. i love the sound of the rain. it's one of my favorite sounds. i probably love it more than the sound of the ocean. yep. i think so. well, i have a looong day of class, break, class, class, and inventory at eddie bauer ahead of me tomorrow, and i should have been asleep hrs ago. i get credit for being in bed though right?

sweetly dreaming of rain drops and paint drips until next time...

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


this is just for you. well, ok, not just for you. everyone else can read it too. :) you just called me out on the fact that i havn't blogged in a while, so i figured i'd go ahead and give you a shout out. well. i've been pretty busy lately. i don't even remember when last i blogged. i've been trying to be good about working out. it hasn't worked out aaas well as planned. um what else. i gave blood yesterday, but didn't feel the affects until today when i almost fell asleep in both of my classes (granted one was world civ... and the room was unnaturally warm.) haha. my friend patrick was kind enough to film zak and i playing two of the songs i wrote last friday, and as of tonight, the video is on youtube. i'm too cool for school... what can i say. haha. i've also recently finished a 3rd song, and i have a 4th lingering in the sidelines, just waiting for me to feel clever enough to finish it. :) classes are generally good. choir is great. it's so nice to sing in an organized group again. i almost forgot how much i loved it. brandi told me that VSB is going to Colorado for their s.b. tour. My choir is going to Scotland, but I will sadly be staying behind... thanks to the fact that I wasn't a student here last semester and missed the deadlines... sooo, i'm thinking maybe a little trip to C.O. would be in order. eh? One of my roommates, Jennifer, is actually going to be in denver and colorado springs at that time, so maybe i'll just hop on her flight real quick. that would be the MOST amazing thing ever. it would be sad to not get to see my family or other friends not in VSB though... stupid schools across the country having different schedules but the same spring break. who even does that? haha. bands i've been listening to as of late (thanks to zak): wilco (looove them), radiohead (not a huge fan of the experimental techno phase, but as far as techno goes, they've got some skills), Fiction Family (Sean Watkins from Nickelcreek, and the lead singer of Switchfoot... very intriguing), Nathan Angelo (saw him in concert at school... Jamie Cullum meets Gavin Degraw), and Caroline Herring (saw in concert at the Crimson Moon... very good live... learn to love the CD). I don't think there's much else to say really. just livin the dream. haha. sort of.

Here's two of my songs, "Changed" and "Our Separate Ways"... if you didn't see them everywhere else. ;)
rhyming until next time...

Monday, January 19, 2009

so far so good.

school's been pretty good so far. i have two asian teachers, and a teacher from argentina, so the language barrier is always a joy... but other than that, i'm just happy to be a student again. i've been working a fairly good amount at eddie bauer (plus my measly 4 hrs a week at steamers), so i'm staying pretty busy... which i love. i almost tried out for Bye Bye Birdie at the Holly today (an old historic community theater in town), but I realized if I got it, it would be like working another part time job, and would be cutting into hrs that I desperately needed at work. So, hopefully I'll be able to audition for something this summer, because I would love to get back into acting again. It's something I've always loved doing, but it's been put on the back burner as of late. Something that hasn't been on the back burner is singing. I always sing, but being back in an organized choir is especially nice. Plus, Patrick is going to film me singing/playing a few songs this weekend that will eventually make their way to youtube per request from my mother and her friends (who hardly know what youtube is). haha. According to them, "I'm going to get famous." we'll see about that. ;)
In other news, I've found the study abroad program I desperately have to be a part of. It's a trip specifically for Art majors through UGA that goes to Cortona, Italy. Cortona is a picturesque Italian village located on a hilltop in Tuscany, that has been home to said study abroad program since 1969. The second I saw the website, I knew I had to go eventually. There are still some pre-reqs I have to get out of the way since I'm so far behind in the Art major (color theory, and 2 & 3D design), but I'm hoping to be able to go atleast by Fall of '10, since it'll be a while before I graduate. haha. well, I have world civ and art history in the morning, and I'm supposed to be reading Huckleberry Finn for amer. lit... so I should probably stop blogging at 2am and be a student. :)

Sipping Chai until next time...